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The Investment segment of our service mix highlights the company’s significant in-house experience in the identification of new development opportunities, as well as acquisition, asset repositioning, and sale of existing buildings.

Depcor is suited to invest in the following property types: Office, Retail, Mixed-Use, Industrial & Residential Projects.

Depcor’s very close, prized relationships with investors have yielded the strong loyalty that exists between the development group and their capital partners.


DEPCOR is widely recognized for its exceptional design, development and construction management capabilities.

As a multidimensional business, DEPCOR capabilities are delivered across a number of services that range from consulting and customizing projects, to completely remodeling any home to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

DEPCOR converts ideas into reality, orchestrating step by step the building process from beginning to end.


DEPCOR management teams provide clients with comprehensive real estate solutions that create value in today's market.

DEPCOR’S property management is responsible for every detail of day-to-day maintenance and overall operations of every owned property, and any third-party owners.

We understand our clients' needs because we are owners as well, and we make sure to treat our clients as we would want to be treated.


Our goal is to help you achieve your objective. Our group is one with knowledge of the real estate market from its very roots: architecture and planning, land development, commercialization, economics and urban tendencies; which are the basics that allow a complete understanding of reality and its future. We have the expertise to identify the best investment to suit your needs. Real estate represents for many the biggest investment of their lives. For others is a way of living.

There is only a brief moment between what decision might be taken and the decision taken. Our job is to be there at that instant and help you make the right one. Whichever is your situation we will help you make the right choice. And that is what is all about. How would you reach it from so many options?. We are the right choice!




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