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A South Florida certified general contractor, building commercial and residential projects. We specialize in the complete cycle of a construction project. From the design to the actual construction of commercial, retail single and multi-family projects.

We provide design and building services for south Florida. As an experienced design/builder we coordinate the architecture, engineering and sub-trades providing cost efficient and successful projects.

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Contractor ID: CGC1505732

Email: ef@depcor.com

Phone: (954)349-3632 ext. 8000

With over 21 years of experience in the real state, engineering, construction, bidding, estimating and management fields, and a trilingual background (Spanish-English-Portuguese), Eduardo Ferreira and Deproinca offer the whole package.

Eduardo Ferreira has construction in his blood (growing up in a family that was in the construction business), with a very complete educational background including a bachelor and masters focused in civil engineering.

After gaining corporate experience, Eduardo decided to take on new challenges and start a company of his own by bringing the already successful Deproinca from Venezuela to the United States.

The company has now been in business for over 14 years and has successfully completed residential home builds, residential renovations, commercial renovations, and real estate deals.

A DEPCOR’s capabilities are based on the years of experience that its principals, associates and staff bring to the firm. In addition to our key personnel and consultants we rely on all valued team members responsible for the efficient production of the work and the orderly management of the firm. We believe in striving for the highest levels of achievement by approaching every project with the same intensity and dedication needed to produce consistently superior work.


Constructora Edimar was conceived in Caracas Venezuela, taking on taking on the private and public sector.

The public sector constituted, schools, health facilities, and public housing. While in a totally different spectrum the private sector included commercial and residential projects.
Eventually the company’s strength reached another level in which they started to expand the service offerings, by introducing project design, project management, lending, and sales through real estate.


Aditionally in this era was when our company Deproinca International, was conceived.

Conceived by Eduardo Ferreira, it was started in Caracas, Venezuela, a city that at the time was exponentially growing in the real estate and construction sector.
After more than 20 years of experience in Venezuela, the company decided to take on a new market in the United States. Since then Deproinca has been dedicated to offering the most complete service package in the industry, with our four major branches: Investing, Building, Property Management, and Real Estate. This package along with our amazing group of innovating and experienced staff, has won the interest and contracts of our clients. So go ahead and take a look into our projects section, and I am sure you will find a service we are capable of providing you.

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