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Zisman Medical Office- Aventura FLORIDA

Zisman Medical Office- Aventura FLORIDA
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The Breitling Stores are as impressive as their selection of watches. With custom made furniture, state of the art survailance state of the art security and surveillance equipment, and designs imported from Switzerland. Given the level of luxury the brand represents, we had no other choice but to produce, and provide a service that is well over many company’s capacities.
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The Freshberry Stores is one of our most recent projects, and they're located in Hialeah, Kendall, and Miami. An international owner that trusted us with a vision of model stores in Venezuela, his focus was to keep representing the company stateside by following franchise guidelines.
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Marinheros restaurant is a modern Brazilian inspired restaurant, located in the Miami with a splendid view of the bridge and the bay. This restaurant displays the versatility we have as a company, and the willingness to take on new challenges.
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Vilebrequin is a retail store inspired in Caribbean apparel, which is located in one of the most beautiful, high-end, malls in the Orlando area, that is Millennia Mall.
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This project resides in of the most beautiful high-end hotels in Miami, and the standards expected from us were as high as the price tag on their nightly rate.
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The IVF office a spacious and complex office space that required methodical planning on our part. Being used for medical purposes this office needed to be top-notch, not only meeting the client’s needs but also satisfying the standard of work we strive to provide.
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The Heron bay office is a simple office space that required an interior renovation to make it suitable for our client. This project does not seem to be that much work, but attention to detail is empirical in these type of projects, because you are usually dealing with professional clients that need to show their clientele they are able to meet their needs.
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Don Pan is none of the most famous Latin American-style bakeries in South Florida. Not only were we able to finish multiple projects in multiple locations, but we were also able to work in partnership with another building entity.
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Broward Urology displays the trust and reliability health care professionals have for us, and the top notch service we provide them.
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South Florida Urology is another example of the quality of work we are expected to deliver to our clients. An office built to be used all day, every day requires a higher than usual amount of dedication in order to ensure the facilities can withstand the inevitable wear and tear.
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Best Smile shows our versatility in working with health care related projects, in this case a dentist's office. No two health care related projects are alike, each with its own set of unique and stringent requirements, which we never fail to go above and beyond in order to accomplish them.
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Giving a doctor's office an inviting look is a daunting task. You have to turn a place people associate with needles and blood into a place where they can feel comfortable.


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