julio 31, 2020
mayo 1, 2014
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Vilebrequin is a retail store inspired in Caribbean apparel, which is located in one of the most beautiful, high-end, malls in the Orlando area, that is Millennia Mall.

This projects represents is very complicated not because we have to build a retail store, but because dealing with mall is a task in itself. Managing time, working overtime, working over night, and travelling from South Florida are some of the sacrifices we had to make in order to satisfy our client.

In addition to the rigorous task of dealing with mall management and restricted working hours, we also had to ensure the end product was as perfect as the client wanted it. When dealing with premium clients in premium establishments like Millennia Mall and Vilebrequin, you have to have done something right for them to allow you to build one of their stores.

This project does not only represent the quality we deliver, but it also represents the reach of our services. It does not matter where the project is based, because we will find a way to provide those same services in another area. We are an international company, so for us a small ride to Orlando or any other place is nothing to worry about, we are used to all types of environments.

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